Certification Process


Pre-audit (Stage 1)

After the stipulation of the contract the organization will start Pre-audit (Stage 1). This audit consists of the examination of Management System's documentation and includes a visit in the organization and an interview with the staff involved in activities relevant to Management System. This initial stage permits to Q.C.B. Italia and Magistratus & Proctor and customer discuss about the application of Management System and determine whether the organization is ready for the initial certification audit. At the end of this activity Q.C.B. Italia and Magistratus & Proctor issues a written report concerning the preparation of the customer for the initial audit.


Initial Certification Audit (Stage 2)

During the conclusion of Pre-audit (Stage 1) Q.C.B. Italia and Magistratus & Proctor agrees with the customer the date for the initial certification audit; Q.C.B. Italia and Magistratus & Proctor assigns an evaluation team composed by qualified Auditors, that visit the company in order to assess the conformity of Management System to the reference standard and its application in the organizational context. At the end of the audit Q.C.B. Italia and Magistratus & Proctor issues a detailed written report with the conclusions of the audit.



The certification is issued after a positive evaluation of the initial audit by an independent Certification Committee. The validity of Q.C.B. Italia and Magistratus & Proctor certification is three-years and it is subject to surveillance audits (semi annual/annual) that verify continued compliance with the standard. Surveillance audits ensure continued compliance of the management system and relate to specific points of the reference standard. At the end of the three-year period of certification validity the customer may renew or not the Certificate of Conformity.

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